Our Approach

Our Approach

We know that most small business start ups also could have a small budget. We have several plans to meet your needs. We are not a company that is in business to put you out of business.

We want you to succeed!

Join our programs and get FREE Tips and Tricks on how your business is going to save money, and let us help you reach your potential.

Our Story

Our Story

As a small business owner I have seen many different approaches to marketing and advertising. I also learned the hard way about the marketing strategies that just don't work. I have helped businesses for many years save money by reassessing what is and is not important in their marketing strategy.

Meet the Team

Customer service is #1! Our team works for you and your business, which is #1!! Your competitors are our competitors! We take your business seriously!


Jennifer Learmonth

CEO of Learmonth Marketing

Marketing Specialist/Website Developer 


Karen Mitchell

 Business Coach/Consultant


Sue Creaser

Editor/Coach & Consultant

Next Steps...

Get a Free Assessment.....Tell us a little about your business! Include links to your website and social media. Or if you are a new start up then tell us what your business is all about.

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