Over the years have you struggled with goals that you set for yourself? Did your commitment last for awhile and then you fell off the band wagon?

You know the drill. You invest a lot of time in building and growing your business. You make many personal sacrifices. You hope that the trade-off is more clients and more revenue, more progress toward your goals, and more prosperity so you can enjoy your life even more.

You look back over a week, a month, a year, five years, and what do you see?
Yes, you realize you have made some progress, but you are not seeing the progress you hoped for in view of what you have invested.

You may even feel you have hit a brick wall or that your progress is linear.

What are some things you can do to be accountable to your goals?

Be in the right mindset
Don't let negative thoughts get in the way
Stop making excuses
Make your business the priority
Have an accountability buddy (spouse or other)
Educate yourself on your goal

This is your passion! Make it work!

Jennifer Learmonth 2017

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